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 Company Start-up Year 2009          Wheelchairs for Small Dogs

    Our mini-dachshund Max was injured after jumping off a chair. He landed wrong and     could no longer use his back legs. That is when we decided to help our pet become           mobile again and created wheelchairs for small dogs. Max took to the chair quickly
    and was walking, even running again, both indoors and outdoors. He was a happy
    dog again thanks to the dog wheelchair  
    Our Product
        Wheelchairs for Small Dogs - up to 28 pounds and a mini chair for toy breeds

    Shop and Compare to Get the Best Value for Your Money!
    Custom-made for best fit
    Adjustable legs for physical therapy or permanent disability
    Ball-bearing wheels (no dirt and debris build-up causing wheels to lock up)
    Functional construction allows for bathroom chores, easy to get in and out of
    Comfort straps and cushions are adjustable to fit snugly
    Lightweight PVC materials and design makes this dog wheelchair easy to pull
    Reasonably priced @ $109.00 plus $25.00 S&H within the United States

    Contact Us
        Email   wcfsd@live.com  
​        Phone  715-451-5505

​                    Giving Your Dog Quality of Life 

Summary for small dog wheelchairs or wheelchairs for small dogs or dachshund wheelchairs.
A quality well-constructed dog wheelchair. An affordable dog wheelchair @ $109.00 plus S&H. For dogs that cannot walk or disabled dogs.  Use for rehabilitation for your handicapped pet that needs a dog wheelchair. Designed to be used indoors and outdoors. Custom made dog wheelchairs or dog wheel chair. Wheel chairs for dogs.
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Wheelchairs For Dogs

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  This video shows a dog using our dog wheelchair for physical       therapy to gain strength after an injury.

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We also make front wheel and 4-wheel wheelchairs depending on your pet's needs. They require more materials and labor and are priced accordingly.

Email  wcfsd@live.com