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   We make wheelchairs for dogs 25 pounds or less and a mini-chair for toy breeds. Our Mini-Dachshund became paralyzed after jumping off the couch and we needed to find a way to help him become mobile. Our little Max was already blind and now couldn't walk. This is what led us to begin building these dog wheelchair.

   In looking for an answer to help our pet, we were checking the Internet and found wheelchairs for dogs, but the prices were too expensive. Plus we didn't know if he would even use a dog wheelchair. So we started experimenting and soon came up with our own version of a dog wheelchair or in this case a dachshund wheelchair; lightweight in design and inexpensive. Our dog wheelchair weighs only about 3 lbs and the wheels have ball bearings which makes the dog wheelchair very easy to move around in. The wheelchair has adjustable straps and legs and along with 3 measurements you provide, we can custom fit the wheelchair for your dog. Click on order above to see the 2 minute video on how to measure your pet and order your wheelchair for small dogs. 

Dog Wheelchair Product Features

  • Lightweight PVC

  • Affordable

  • Adjustable legs

  • Washable

  • Ball Bearing wheels

  • We now have 2 sizes: The standard chair for dogs up to 25 lbs and the minichair for the toy breeds. See Max's story page for a video of a dog in our Mini wheelchair.
Giving Your Dog Quality of Life 
The picture above shows our latest version of our wheelchair with side reflectors. 
Summary for small dog wheelchairs or wheelchairs for small dogs or dachshund wheelchairs. This is an affordable dog wheelchair for only $109.00 we believe it is the best priced quality dog wheelchairs for dogs that cannot walk or disabled dogs it is especially good for rehabilitation for your handicap pet that needs a dog wheelchair. It is good for inside and outside. Can't beat this custom made dog wheelchairs or dog wheel chair, remember wheel chairs for dogs the best one is here.
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Wheelchairs For Dogs

​Be careful on what wheelchair you choose. How is your dog supported by a bar under the belly think how this effects your dog. Does it have a ball bearing wheels adjustable rear legs? These legs allow for permanent use or rehabilitation possibilities. 
                    For questions/concerns, email: wcfsd@live.com 
                  So far we have sold over two thousand wheelchairs.
Our price is $109.00 plus shipping ($25.00 in the U.S. outside the US will cost extra)
To order, click on order page above. (24 hour shipping) For payment plans go to orders also.
To purchase, use the Buy Now option on the order page. To discuss other methods of payment for one of our wheelchairs for small dogs, e-mail us.
The video below features a partially disabled dog. For completely paralyzed dogs the legs can be elevated. Click on the Photos tab above to see another video.

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We also make Front wheel wheelchairs and 4 wheel wheelchairs. They are more expensive and may need different measurements so email us to discuss. www.wheelchairsforsmalldogs.com              
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