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Joe is a four year old half pug and half chihuahua . Eight days ago he has a terrible accident where a heavy metal gate leaning up against a fence fell and hit him in the back. My husband rushed him to the vet he was in shock and near death . Thanks to the good Lord, and Dr.Abby at vets for pets his life was saved. Unfortunately Joe can not walk with his back legs. But thanks to your wheel chair Joe can play outside again while getting exercise for his legs. He is getting stronger everyday we believe he will walk again. I highly recommend this wheel chair for anyone's pet in this situation . Thanks again sincerely Pam from North Carolina
The above video is of Teddy a 3 lb. dog that is approx. 4 inches wide and 8 inches long. You can see the ease he has of using the Mini version of our wheelchairs for small dogs. 
Scotter in his wheelchair look at him go.
 Bella in her new wheelchair
Rosie 8 LB chihuahua right after she got her chiar
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