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Thought you might like to see Scooter helping the rescue group that saved his life. He pranced around in his wheels and had everyone's attention at the adoption event. We had to dump the donation bucket twice. Best we have ever done at this location. He generated $320 in 3 hours. Scooter is awesome in his wheels. He says THANK YOU to you!!!
For those people that surgery is not an option because:
  1)Your dog is too old
  2)Your dog is not healthy enough for surgery
  3)The cost is prohibitive
  4)You don’t want to put your dog through it 

Here are some alternatives you might not know off:
  1)       Wheelchair
  2)Water therapy
  3)Laser treatments
  4)Chiropractor treatments
  5)Massage therapy  

You will have to research on what is available in your area and always check with your Veterinarian. Some of these alternatives you can do yourself. These in conjunction with a wheelchair can be viable options for you and your dog. It is our opinion though that to make this work you need a wheelchair like ours that has height adjustment for the rear legs. This is critical to prevent atrophying of the leg muscles, while you are trying to rehabilitate your dog. In the worst case scenario our wheelchairs can be used for permanent disability also. 

Below is a picture and story by one of our customers who used their dog for a rescue agency fund raiser, a very unique approach.

                    Scooter getting donations.
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