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My name is Max. I am a Mini-Dachshund about 12 years old, see my picture on the right. One day I got hurt bad by jumping off the couch. I could no longer walk. I could only drag my body around with my front legs. The doctor didn't think I would ever walk again.

Thank God I had owners who loved me and didn't give up on me. I was able to go potty as long as someone held me up so I didn't go all over myself. Then my owners decided to try something else that would give me more mobility. That's when wheelchairs for small dogs was invented.
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Dog Wheelchair

I could get around all over the house with my dog wheelchair, most importantly to my food and water. I could go potty and take walks in the yard by myself now and I could still do the one thing that I love to do the most, HUNT. Oh I forgot to tell you, hunting became more of a challenge for me before I became paralyzed, I am also blind. I don't catch anything anymore but I scare 'em, and still have fun trying.

What happened next you won't believe! After several weeks of using my dachshund wheelchair, I started having some feelings in my back legs. Soon I was able to use them a little, and then I didn't need the chair at all. I now walk and run all by myself, not like when I was younger, but I have a pretty good life. The important thing is I am a happy dog, I am loved, and well taken care of. I am never allowed to do any type of jumping anymore. My owners carry me up and down all stairs and on and off the furniture.

I hope there are other happy stories out there like mine.
Love, Max 
This video shows Pepe 4 1/2" wide 9 1/2" long in a mini wheelchair. This is the first time he was in it.
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