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I got the chair on Friday and George was walking that night. Minimum assembly, great instructions thank you for custom making his dog wheelchair.
Please email me a picture of your dog in our dog wheelchair. We would love to include it on our web site. Thanks  Bev
Comments: "Thanks for the dog wheelchair, our Pug was wagging his tail.""Our wiener dog just loves it.""Thanks for giving our Pug his mobility back." "My dog can get around and happy again.""Excellent custom made dog wheelchair"."The owner really wants to help"

​It fits Wojo perfect!! He acts so happy! He can really go it. It's light weigh and very easy to put on, Would recommend to any one. It gives Wojo a lot more movement. Thanks So Very Much:-) 
Comments:"Great job on my Babies dog wheelchair, I am very pleased with it..""You build some great dog wheelchairs.""Lite weight, it's what I needed. "200% satisfied with product and seller.""Seller went beyond any others, to give my Westie a better life."
I just wanted to let you know, I have one happy doggie! Thank you​   
         This was a wonderful deal!! My Doxie is tooling around everywhere with his cart!

 This is an awesome deal!! very professional!!! Fast Delivery!! I highly recommend!!                       
I did wanna thank you again big time...simba is now use to his daily walks and its amazing to see him able to 
move that quickly..How ironic the first four yrs of his life he was never walked since my ankle and knee surgery's and now we walk every day for his health and mine..so God Bless you and thank you
I haven't shortened the straps yet - want to make sure of correct fittings before I do that.
He does enjoy the new found freedom the chair gives him!

Here is a picture of my 12 year old pug in his new “wheels”.  In this photo he is actually pretty proud of himself – since when I was out of his sight he followed me into the kitchen and then when in the kitchen he realized he could turn and “run” (which is pug speed – pugs never do anything slowly) over to his water and get it all by himself!  I even noticed yesterday that he was trying to walk on his own rather than drag himself.  (After 6 months of dragging himself around that really tuckered him out and I had to wake him from a really hard sleep this morning!) The second time I got him in this he took off before I could hook up the front straps – so I think he was happy to be in it.  Thank you for providing this reasonably priced wheelchair for small dogs – it surely will increase the quality of his life.  Jane and Cazzie!



DD in his Halloween costume
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Thank you so much. My dacshund can run and play again. She loves to play in the water hose ( I live in CA desert). She is only 5 years old.
Ginger has her new wheelchair & took to it right away. Now she goes to a lot of places she didn't before because of it & she like the independence she gets from it. 

I am sorry my comment took so long 
but your chair helped rehab my dog
she is walking again, computer 
name nevellahzovps. 

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Hello, My name is Hank and this is my old man(dog) Mr. Rags. He is 16 years of age and healthy but because of his age and breed, he lost a good percentage of movement on his left side. Too old for surgery and here is what he looks like with his new wheelchair. To date, your product was the best one I've seen on the market for small dogs. Thank you and if I know anyone who has the same situation, I will recommend them to you. Picture below:

Flossy goes for a walk.
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